Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey, it’s Kareem again.

One of the things that really gets under my skin is when people aren’t transparent about earning commissions by recommending the products or services of others (called affiliates in the online world). Since I believe in congruence, I’m letting you know that sometimes when I link to products or services on my website, I will be compensated in some way. Usually I’ll try to make sure to mention it wherever the link is placed, but just to be safe, assume all links to external products are affiliate links which I will get some measure of compensation from.

Some might think this is dishonorable, but know that this entire endeavor is a for-profit business. I’m running it that way in order to sustain and ultimately spread the message that I so passionately believe in.

And just so you know, I would only ever recommend a product or service that I have either used or thoroughly investigated and really believe in. Again, I find it quite annoying when people are willing to promote every single product that comes their way, just to make a buck. (So if you want me to promote something for you, please be understanding of this point.)

If you have any questions about this, please contact me.

May the force be with you,
Kareem Elsayed

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