A simple trick to discover WHO you really are | The Penguin | Episode 019


When I was an engineer, I constantly felt like a fish out of water.

Don't get me wrong, I was good (heck I even got a patent!), but I felt like my work and my personality and preferences just didn't match up.

After a long and arduous journey, I discovered that I liked building people more than I liked designing things. And that insight has transformed my life.

Do you ever feel out of place? Do you feel a little weird? Or just a little dissatisfied?

If you've ever felt out of place, and wanted to figure out the root cause, and discover who you really are, today's episode of the Trailblazer Uprising show is made just for you.

In it, I share 3 steps to find out who you TRULY are and use that to catapult you to success.

Now, it's your turn! What is your personality type? 

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