Haters gonna hate

haters mindset vlog Jan 11, 2019

Well this one's a real shocker! It took me totally by surprise!

Here I was - minding my own business, when suddenly "a wild hater appeared!"

Needless to say that was a Pokemon I was not about to catch.

Usually you expect those harder bosses to appear when you're at least level 5...

But here I was level 1! And I had a boss level hater appear...

So if you're wondering how to deal with your haters, trolls, and assorted internet personalities, today's episode is for you.

In it, I share a way to CELEBRATE having haters. Yep, kinda nuts, but totally worth it.


How do YOU handle the negativity of haters and trolls? 

Let me and the rest of the community know by leaving a comment below!


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