How to get out of a rut in life | Star-Lord | Episode 028

Do you feel trapped or stuck, like you've hit a plateau? Like you'll never get to the next level? Are you wondering how to get out of a rut in life?

Getting to the next level in life is never easy. Especially if you feel stuck.

It really comes down to the price you're willing to pay to get to the next level...

Are you willing to pay the price? 

If you're feeling stuck, like you've hit a plateau, or like you're in a rut, then today's episode of the Trailblazer Uprising show is for you.

In it I share three powerful transformational truths to help you identify the cause of the rut, and develop a plan to break through to the next level.



Ok now it's your turn to inspire the Trailblazer Uprising community:

  • Leave a comment sharing a time you were stuck and finally broke through. What happened? What did you sacrifice?


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