Making Sacrifices for Success | Fullmetal Alchemist | Episode 021


How many sacrifices have you made to get to where you are?

And how many more are you unwilling to make to get to where you haven't been able to go?

But wait, what if you could have both? What if the way to success is actually by refusing to sacrifice or comprise?

Every day, you're faced with dozens of opportunities to make tradeoffs.

When you make those decisions, do you choose what appears to be the shortest path to success? What if I told you there was another way?

If you feel like making sacrifices for success (or not making them) is holding you back, then today's episode of the Trailblazer Uprising show is for you.

In it, I demonstrate why refusing to compromise can actually be a path to success. 

Now, it's your turn! Share an example of when you had to choose. What did you do? 

Tell me in a comment below!


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