Unboxing the Peak Design Everyday Backpack

gear unboxing Feb 18, 2019

Ok this is a little meta, but what if I told you that one of your most important pieces of gear was actually the thing you carry all your gear with?

Yep, today we're talking about my new BACKPACK and why I chose it.

It's kinda like the Horadric Cube from Diablo. Such a simple device, but it really adds a lot more space to your inventory  (for all those Mephisto runs).



So if...

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Unboxing the Tarah Pro Bluetooth Earbuds

gear unboxing Feb 12, 2019


Whenever you start out on a journey, you need to think about GEAR.

What are you bringing with you? What will you be able to accomplish with it? Will it beat the boss or unlock the hidden door?

It all goes back to that classic cave in The Legend of Zelda...

But imagine being able to get some input on which tools make the most sense on your particular journey!

Well that's where this new...

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